Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Perfect Meal

This past week has had many a chilly day.. and the evening when the warmth of the sun has gone away, there's nothing I want more than the most perfect dinner.. Matzo Ball Soup from Saul's..

The plus about getting the bowl is there's two ginormous matzo balls.. and the chicken broth.. it's the perfect balance. Sure a cup would have been smarter, but look at this soup! (and as someone who is not a fan of soup, I love love love the matzo ball soup at Saul's!)

single latke from Saul's Deli
single latke.. perfect finish.. don't need dessert! ;)

I was so stuffed.. and warm on the inside.. it made the walk home to South Berkeley comforting and happy. The perfect meal.. or at least one perfect meal.

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