Tuesday, December 02, 2014

A Post about Posting Posts

With the Fall Semester winding down (or cranking up if you think about all the stuff that has to happen in the next week before the winter holidays begin) I've been very distracted from writing anything that doesn't involve school. I have so many things I'd like to post or write about and have yet to really find the time to clear my head and get it down.. Maybe after next Tuesday.. It's not as if I've not been anywhere lately..

Places I've eaten & would love to post about:

-Elevation 66 (Albany)
-Sconehenge (Berkeley)
-HandleBar (Berkeley)
-Imm Thai Street Food (Berkeley)
-Saul's Deli (Berkeley) (although I go here pretty often.. It would have to be a new angle besides food)
-Triple Rock Thanksgiving (Berkeley)

Other ideas..

- Thanksgiving in general.. although now that I think about it.. meh.
- a random piece about coffee makers and the style and need of coffee..
- something about how freaking awesome maps are & why people might love them so much.
- National Adoption Month/ Day came & went.. I was thinking about writing something semi-coherent about that. oh well.
- something about social media & its varied uses. although..
- books.. books I'm reading or have read.. or things that are of interest to me.
- Heyday is having a sale on the 6th.. that would be something fun to post about. I guess we'll see.
- Bicycling around Berkeley.. if I ever get back to it.
- My "Y" experience maybe.
- Death Indexing.. not so much the indexing but some of the fun things I've come across in the Berkeley Daily Gazette while looking for death notices & obituaries.
- Hiking up into the hills on a nice day.. or heading to a nearby park. I miss my favorite tree. (ok it's not mine but it's a pleasant place to read and feel the breeze and the earth & see the sky for a bit) There's still other Berkeley Parks I've yet to photograph.
- Take a bus up to Tilden Park to spend an afternoon walking around.. I'm usually too worn out by the time I get up to Euclid & the Rose Garden to want to walk any further than back down to Vine Street Peet's (lazy, I know!)

They all seem like interesting topics when I think of them in the middle of the night.

When I can't sleep I make lists of things I should have done or need to do, things I wish I'd said to people, or not; things I want to accomplish the next day. Somewhere in there, blogging ideas pop up and I think "yeah that might be intresting" but then I fall asleep and forget about. At least I fall asleep. If I can't, I start reading.. ;)

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