Saturday, December 06, 2014


Today was the holiday book sale at Heyday Books.. They were offering 25% off books online as well at their HQ on University. Added bonus was a table with selected titles at 75%.. Of course I had to go! I was hoping to pick up a couple books for my 'keeper' shelf..

today's book purchases..

A couple I've previously read & loved.. and a couple are newly published work I'm looking forward to reading for the first time. =)

We're rather limited on bookspace these days, so I have to be careful about what books I invest in. Heyday has so many fantastic titles though, it was difficult to narrow down my selections! I have several of their books already and I've enjoyed every one. I think I would have gladly picked up another half dozen titles if I thought the spouse wouldn't be annoyed with me for going crazy at the sale. ;) We have a pretty good California travel/history shelf but I'm always looking for titles I can adopt and keep forever.. things that will be of pleasure and a useful resource as time goes on. I think I managed to do that, and I picked up a couple titles to be inspired by perhaps. All books are fun (the pleasure & knowledge one acquires from the process of words).. even moving, inspiring and intense books. I already have a large selection of books I would like to finish reading (re-start at this point) and now I have several to add to the list..

As an aside, I'm so grateful for publishers like Heyday.. While I'm persuing lower level studies at the City College, I still have access to really great writers of California history and cultural studies whom I can read at my leisure (even while I wait to take the type of classes I really want to take.)

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