Monday, July 07, 2014

Temescal Street Fair

My enthusiasm for my first Berkeley 4th of July weekend in many years was moderately diminished by the fact I messed up my foot late Thursday night of the 3rd.. (I jammed my toe on the bed-frame and pretty much been having issue walking on my right foot for the past few days.)

I tried walking some on Sunday, down Telegraph to the Temescal Street Fair (we went last year and had a good time.) I admit I felt like I was cheating on Berkeley just a bit; our quick visit to Donut Dolly to fulfill a donut craving I'd had for the last two weeks did little to change that.. Then we came across this band performing between 44th & 45th Street (in front of the Jack in the Box no less.) Happiness and contentment were the prevailing moods as I forgot about worrying about what Berkeley was up to for the moment (although I did think about it briefly when we took the BART back one station.) I even forgot about my foot hurting me for a while..

The John Brothers Piano Company (Quintet) were playing.. Maybe they'd make you forget your minor troubles too??

My foot was hurting, so we BART'ed back to Ashby.. which is something I would NEVER do under normal circumstances I swear, but pretty sure I tore or strained something.. I'm still waiting for the swelling and bruising to abate, but I'm still walking.. just not as much for a couple more days.

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