Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Normandy Village Apts

On the enthusiastic advisement of an acquaintance of mine, I wandered over to the area just north of campus where Normandy Village Apartments still exist after almost 100 years.. Originally built in 1927, then expanded to encompass about 2 or 3 blocks on one side of the street.. the studio apartment 'homes' still look charming and inviting.. and even better in person, viewed from the street.

Please note.. people live here and I tried my best to be discreet about how I shot my photos (with my iPhone rather than the Nikon) and made a point to try and not have too much identifying information in the images other than architectural details and an address or two related to the street..





You can view my entire set (HERE) if you like (I took about a couple dozen images.)

You can learn about this area from the BAHA (Berkeley Architectural Heritage Assoc.) site

I'm very glad I took the time to wander and check the area out, and owe that good someone grateful thanks for the suggestion!

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