Friday, March 30, 2012

Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe Pt 1

One of our favorite places to eat when we've been visiting home the last few years away has been Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe. Usually we'd go there for breakfast, so having lunch there Thursday after we brought the cats up from DTLA was a nice treat.

Rudy's has a HUGE menu selection, and many dishes are vegetarian, or can be made meatless. I was craving mac n cheese and we didn't have butter in the house yet to make our own, so the one place we knew we could get Mac N Cheese was Rudy's. =)

Combat Mac N Cheese
Thursday's special is the "Combat Mac N Cheese"

Not sure what makes it 'combat'.. It's a blend of six cheeses, topped with bread crumbs. Whatever cheeses they use, they are pretty mild, and seem to cancel each other out. Luckily there was some "Gringo Bandito" to splash on my half to spice it up. It was still good mac and cheese, just not up to comparing to my favorite places in LA.. It wasn't as creamy as Royal Clayton's, nor was it as cheesy as Pete's Cafe, or as zesty as the Nickel Diner. It was mac & cheese and it fit the current craving I had.. just wasn't amazing.

Luckily there was the Monster BLT.. Sean let me try some of his sandwich:
Monster BLT served with vegetarian chili
Monster BLT: double bacon, double, lettuce, double tomato.. mayo served on wheat toast

I *heart* good bacon.. this was the winner of our lunch.. Sean opted for vegetarian chili which was very hearty and was super good. Definitely something to order again..

Since Rudy's is one of our favorite places, and we live in E*Ville now, I'm sure we'll get a chance to work our way through the menu!

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