Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Last Meals Pt 2

Our last meals before I headed up to the Bay Area with the cats were at Starry Kitchen on Tuesday and on Wednesday we visited the Nickel Diner.. my go-to spot for really good bacon-avo burgers,amazing onion rings,tasty "Smac N Cheese", tummy-stuffing breakfasts (OMG blueberry pancakes!) and oh so naughty desserts of all kinds..

We pretty much had lunch and then hit the road.. but we left DTLA very happy (and full):

sean and our lunch!
Sean and our double dose of Bacon Avo Burgers!

Bacon Avo Burger with Onion Rings!
Bacon Avo Burger w/ those yummy onion rings..

Bacon Avo Burger with fries!
Same but different.. with fries

What to order when you know you won't be able to eat at the Nickel Diner for the unforeseen future??
Salt Peanut..
Salt Peanut Cake of course!!

Thank you so much to Monica and Kristen for all the yummy meals and for bringing such a delicious and comfy place to our neighborhood. The Nickel was one of the many bright spots our good times in the Historic Core.. and yes, like an action hero with a heavy accent, we'll be back! =)

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