Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Pie Hole LA Arriving Soon!

The Pie Hole "coming soon!"

News of "The Pie Hole" taking over the former Ay Carumba! restaurant location at 714 Traction has circulated as early as June or July, (maybe earlier?) So the fact they are working on their build-out isn't news, nor that they'll be opening by the end of September.

The fact they have a facebook and twitter account (where you can read in 140 characters or less about the Strawberry or the Chocolate Silk Pie).. or perhaps the fact they are working with GroundWork Coffee to provide some excellent roasts to accompany their sweet and savory pies might be news...

With only a handful of weeks before the planned opening, visible change is evident including a cutout of what is rumored to be a service window:
Pie Hole's 'window'
It's yet to be seen if this is the case or if it's another store window to bring more light into what was previously a dark kitchen and self-serve cooler area.

Word on the street is that the mural that was painted for Ay Carumba! will be painted over with new art.

The Pie Hole LA
714 Traction Ave
Facebook and twitter: @ThePieHoleLA

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