Wednesday, September 07, 2011

"The Archway Theatre" Coming to Al's Bar..

The sun had already set in the Arts District near Traction and Hewitt as our small group, [Scot Ezzell (Joel Bloom weekly walk torch-bearer), myself and the 2 Arts District BID officers] returned from our travels around the Arts District.

The American Hotel was bathed in semi-darkness, but you could still see there have been some recent changes. Most of the paste-up art and graphics were peeled off the back half of the building's wall and a door to the left of the hotel's entrance was thrown open.

As the light spilled out the door of the former Al's Bar, movement and voices were perceived. Work was well underway as we spot two gentleman renovating the interior.

"Is it a new Bar?"

"Is it a restaurant?"

Archway Theatre

Steven Sabel,(Managing Artistic Director of the new theatre on Hewitt) replied that no, not a restaurant or bar, but a Studio/Theatre.
The Archway Studio/Theatre.

The Archway will be the scene of various plays,musical performances, comedy shows and special events, among other activities.. They aspire to a grand opening on the 15th of October with their first production to occur on the 27th.

That first production will be a variation on MacBeth.. "Macbeth: Shakespeare's Natural Born Killers" Sounds like fun, doesn't it? A call for auditions has already gone out in several theatre/ trade magazines and will be held this weekend, September 11th and 12th.

You can view the casting notice HERE

As for us who are either too shy and don't have that acting resume, we have well over another month before we see the finishing touches on the theater. Word on the street is that the pastings have been peeled off so a mural can be installed on the wall outside The Archway.

Once open, (according to their website) the studio will offer "..a full complement of available classes in a variety of yoga practices and styles, theatrical skills and techniques, and stage performance."


The Archway Theatre
305 South Hewitt St.,
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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