Friday, September 23, 2011

Changing Concepts on Broadway

One wouldn't be wrong in wondering if this location next to the Broadway McDonald's was cursed. There's any number of places around downtown like this, where a new restaurant or cafe will open and shutter within a year only to open a new concept just to close yet again. From "Hoagies & Wings" to "Kalbi BBQ" to "Teriyaki and Burgers" (which should be opening 'soon') you keep hoping for these mom & pops to make it.. to pull through and keep going.

I liked Hoagies & Wings.. It wasn't anything I could eat regular on my current lifestyle plan, but it was good (& greasy in a good way). They seemed to do alright for lunch but aside from the initial lunchtime hype, business seemed to taper off. Whether it was location, hours, or delivery options.. who's to say? They closed.

A few months later the Kalbi BBQ opened up and they too seemed to make a go of it, but like Hoagies & Wings they seemed to be empty of customers many times I passed by there. I am a bit embarrassed to say I never made it over there to try it. I always thought about it after the fact (after I'd eaten lunch at Starry Kitchen which I am still happy and amazed with). The Kalbi place sounded good and simple. I don't know if it lasted a year.. It shuttered maybe a month or two ago.

Now this:

Teriyaki & Burger "coming soon"

I guess if I want to put my money where my mouth is literally I need to be sure and check this place out when it opens. I"m honestly not excited about teriyaki and burgers.. like the predecessor, it's a simple concept that should attract a wide range of customers around downtown. It's up to locals to support it and for the business owners to get the word out about their place and have hours that are attractive to loft dwellers. It's not enough to be a lunch place and leave the loft dwellers out of your business model. It's not enough to have delivery (no idea if this place will have it or not) but only deliver to a short radius, or close early. Yes the stores on Broadway might close early but the thousands of potential hungry customers that live downtown are always looking for good, fast, affordable meals.

So now that it's on the radar we'll keep an eye out for it.

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