Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Resolutions what Resolutions?

So much for losing weight.. I haven't been doing the wii since January.. nor riding my bike, nor doing the Skid Row Watch Walk.. nor.. well really much of anything that will help me lose the weight.. and if anything it's gotten worse.

The heavier I get, the less likely I feel comfortable going out & about.. which is exactly what I need if I want to lose the weight.. Today's weigh in?? (after I had breakfast.. which I know is bad!) 212lb. yep.. I am WAY over the 200 mark..

It's weird this time last year I was well on my way to 180 and under.. (I got down to 170lb and maintained for about a month before settling at 175 for a bit..) then around September/ October I cut out my all day walks down to practically nothing.. just walking when I needed to get somewhere.. I was able to do the Great LA Walk with little to no problem (the pain came after!) as well meander around Disney World for 2 weeks with no issue.. but now I'm mortified that all my progress has gone down the toilet.

What's weird is that I'm eating out a LOT less... but I'm still gaining weight. Something to be said about walking it all off I guess. =(

Hate to say it but I need to cut out the desserts if & when I do go out to eat.. and maybe my next couple reviews need to be more on the healthier side.. perhaps I should try the salads next time I go to the Nickel?? sigh... no more salt peanut cake. *cry*

dessert @ the Nickel
Fat Meeko likes her salt peanut cake. Maybe a little too much..

Maybe we need to try some of that old New Orleans "half-fast walking club" strategy?? I don't know that Pete Fountain lost any weight doing it.. but maybe I'll try something different (like not drinking my way too much through it).

OK enough personal.. hopefully next post will be more downtown.


Skidrow said...

Don't give up Pamela! I think you have a great idea- give up those rich desserts first- maybe substitute a bowl of fruit to satisfy cravings at first- or get some of that light frozen Sorbet at grocery to have for a craving.

You are lucky as you and Sean can motivate (and police) each other; my g/f Yan loves french fries and I even cook tater tots for her but can't eat those tasty little fat/carb things...

If only you had an "Isis"- I am back to walking 8+ miles a day and I think that helps, if I can handle the blisters.

You are definitely a strong lady and almost always so positive- don't despair, JUST DO IT!

meekorouse said...

Thanks.. As for motivating that's just not happening. *snort*giggle*

But.. you're still working from the loft?? When do you do your walks?? Julie Rico used to have a walk she was doing but not sure if she's doing it anymore.. I really need to tag along with some dog walkers! =P

/bsdb said...

OK, time for some blunt honesty from a friend.

Two words to sum up your backwards slide: PORTION SIZE.

I've been dining with you and Sean since the dark days of Pressler. Here's some tough love talk: you both eat way too much food.

I love ya bunches, which is why I'm stating this. You need to do something about this now. Not later. Now. Please reduce your portion sizes. I know that sounds simplistic, but it really works. Specific food cravings will still be satisfied and calories will be lessened. Which is the only way to lose weight without grueling three hour daily workouts.

Split plates/dishes when dining out. Stay away from all-you-can-eat establishments. Go for a small pastry instead of the humongous slice of cake. And if you must have the humongous slice of cake, share half of it with Sean and take home the other half for the next day!

Americans are overweight mostly because of the Super Size mentality. Eating fewer calories has been scientifically proven to prolong your life and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Eat less food and exercise 30 minutes at least three times a week. You'll be back to 180 in no time.

meekorouse said...

Hey YOU!!! =)

"Split plates/dishes when dining out. Stay away from all-you-can-eat establishments. Go for a small pastry instead of the humongous slice of cake. And if you must have the humongous slice of cake, share half of it with Sean and take home the other half for the next day!"

Actually we still do this to some extent but you are right we used to do it with EVERYTHING.

Also we usually do split our dessert (that picture it's not sliced in half but usually we'll get one dessert and share..)

Also when at Disney we don't eat multiple meals.. we did this BBQ on Friday and that was all we had.. It was way more than enough food to get us through lunch and dinner.

Sunday we shared what we got.. When I was doing WW I had to split everything because the servings are just way too much.. but we also walked a goodly much of the day.. so I could walk off the excess. I went to WDW in December weighing about 190 and I came home 2wks later weighing.. 192. This while eating 2 big meals a day, dole whips etc... and a small breakfast every other morning (beignets or cinnamon rolls).

I think the exercise is the key of what I've gotten away from as well. I was walking all day almost every day.. I'm not doing that now at all. Before I had places I had to get to and even if I didn't I was walking around looking for stuff to get to.. (if that makes any sense) so I was losing a few ounces a day.

I am also not riding my bike like I was doing. Even if I didn't do the Sunday meander I was running errands on my bike or riding on Saturday on my own.. also I was doing the wii. Sean even did the wii. It got depressing for me because I kept gaining weight so I stopped doing it.

So I agree with you but I also think I need to get off my ass. =( I am admitting it here because like some kind of drunk or a smoker I need to admit I have an issue and yeah.. start doing something. ;P

Eureka Poz said...

Pamela, don't look at this situation as a failure. It's just an on-going project and you've stalled right now. You've had so much going on lately with the move and all its stressful hassles. It makes sense that you slipped on your diet. I remember the kind of junk I was eating when I was moving to Eureka!

Once you finish unpacking and are settled in, you should be able to focus better on your goals.

I think you might be on to something when you mention trying something different. I know that when I stop seeing results at the gym then I shake things up with a new approach.

Eric avoids carbs and it's sure hard to argue with his results. I eat carbs but avoid simple carbohydrates and stick to complex carbohydrates. That's also the foundation for the South Beach Diet.

I do know this: no matter what you weigh currently, you are a great person and I really miss you. You have my 100% support. If there is any way I can help out--including being a good listener--just let me know.


/bsdb said...

So I agree with you but I also think I need to get off my ass.I'm sorry if I sounded judgmental; I didn't mean to come off that way. I'm just concerned about your weight going up and down like this. It's not healthy, and makes it even more difficult to lose the next time.

And you have no idea how I wish I could adopt your routine and Joe's, regarding exercise. I wish I could exercise. It would make getting my excess weight off much easier. (I'm now officially pre-diabetic and need to lose another 20 pounds minimum off my ass to keep from going full blown type II.)

The fitness testing I had done at UoP earlier this week has now confirmed my worst fears, that my chronic fatigue is severe, most likely permanent, and even moderate aerobic exercise is no longer an option.

My VO2max for both of my 8-minute stationary bike sessions was 21 mL/kg/min. 21!!!! As Joe will tell you, that's a ridiculously low number for 100 watts worth of exercise. According to the researchers, it should have been twice that value. But my body is broken and cannot move enough oxygen from my lungs into my tissues, because of my disease.

Some of this problem is from reduced red blood cell mass (I'm 20% too low), some of it is decreased cardiac output, and some of it is metabolic dysfunction. I reached anaerobic threshold at 91 bpm heart rate, only 20-25 beats higher than my supine resting heart rate. Which is the same heart rate increase that everyone goes through just doing ADL, the activities of daily living.

Aerobic exercise? No can do. Walking at 1.5 mph for 30 min each day is all I can handle, and maybe 15 min of Pilates two or three times a week. But that won't burn a heck of lot of calories. So how will I lose the weight? Same as before: pseudo starvation. Eat no more than 1000 cal a day to lose half a pound a week, and 1200 cal a day to keep it off for the rest of my life.

I've done the starvation diet in the past for a month or two, but had enormous psychological difficulties keeping it up. You basically eat nothing but bunny food and baked fish/chicken. No nuts, no sugars, very little fruit, and plenty of veggies. Oh freakin joy I can't wait.

Be grateful you have the ability to exercise, Pam. You have no idea how badly I miss all the sports and gym workouts I used to do. Life was so much easier back then. Starving weight off is not easy, but I have no choice.

Thank goodness Joseph Schmidt is about to close its doors.

meekorouse said...

I'm bummed about Hershey and their attitude toward small business.. actually I'm pissed off. Hershey isn't the "great American" chocolate company that it claims to be.. buying out small boutique chocolate companies like Scharfen Berger & Joseph Schmidt as well as moving its operations to Mexico when we really need the labor here.

Maybe it's just as well I lay off the chocolate. (It's hard to do though because I really do enjoy it now & again)

I'm going to walking a bunch on Saturday.. so I am going to use that as a spring board to keep up the momentum.. I need to stop blowing off the bike meander... even if it's a meander of one.. I need to admit that I won't be able to do the 12mi ride if that's what they plan and be willing to turn off on my own I guess if I need to. The weather has been great so there's no excuse for me. I have been rather depressed lately but I think that not exercising has made my mood worse. It feeds on itself.

Joe: I sure miss you. I miss our afternoons.. You are a good friend. =)

J: your health is the most important thing that you need to be careful for. I wouldn't worry so much about your weight other than how it relates to keeping yourself healthy.. **hugs** I hope to see you & yours soon.. not sure when our next trip it.. but I am keeping you in mind. =) Let me know if you ever need help moving.. I got lots of experience!!