Monday, May 18, 2009

Regent Theatre

Regent Theater
Never get tired of seeing the Regent sign lit up!


Eureka Poz said...

I love this photo. I always like the way downtown looks like at night the best. I'm glad the Regent sign is lit.

When I first moved downtown, riff raff was under the theater marquee 24/7. They'd be passed out there, smoking crack, selling drugs and fighting.

......and I remember walking around downtown in the past when the theater was still open (I enjoyed going to Harolds and the Waldorf bars down the street). It was a porno house then ($2 admission) and I remember one feature was When Women Had Tails.

meekorouse said...

oh I walked by there today and the fellow you wanted to interview before you left was sitting outside the theatre: one of the storefronts is now selling clothing.

Eureka Poz said...

You mean the tall guy with the cut off pants? The one who wears a hat? The one who pounds on metal objects with drumsticks for hours?

Was he sitting on the sidewalk?

meekorouse said...

giggle yes him! (although he wasn't wearing his hat today)

LAkompany said...

Me too.