Sunday, May 31, 2009


I was a good girl and went on the bike meander today.. I didn't have the point & shoot (the Canon died at Disneyland, and although now working.. doesn't seem to work as quick as it used to) so I only had a cellphone for the ride...

Meander from Vernon
Here we are at an overpass.. There was eight of us today,(Warren & Kay are foreground left & right respectively) on our way back through Vernon and Hancock Park.. One of the 'new folks' had a flat, which allowed my uber- out of shape self catch up.

Sometimes I know I've been avoiding the meander.. I keep meaning to go, head on over to the Toy Lofts around 10am and have fun meandering around downtown LA. Sometimes schedules work where I don't make it as there's friends in from out of town, or we're going out of town.. Then sometimes I get anxious, and don't go.

The last big one back in January had us heading to the Atwater Village bike bridge and back.. that really kicked my butt. It seems like when Warren isn't heading up these meanders people end up going to long distance places like SilverLake or who knows where. This is where my angst comes from. I know I'm out of shape and honestly not up for the long distance, or the hilly streets like I had in the past. I get anxious about where we are going and if I'll wear out. My knees have been popping a lot more lately. *whine*

We got some good meanderers though.. Kay comes all the way from Eagle Rock. I know I can't complain when this bike goddess shows herself after a ride from Eagle Rock, then rides back home. Then again, she hasn't been sitting on her butt these past five months. ;P

I am proud of myself though. I made it.. and then I met the spouse for a lunch at Wurstkuche (which was extra yummy since I forgot to eat breakfast before heading out) and super filling. A good treat, then walking back from the Arts District. Several hours later and I can honestly say I'm not sore. Yay Me! =)

Will I go next week?? um.. yes? =)

**LA Bike Meander is an informal group of cycling folks that meet up at 10am in front of the Toy Lofts every Sunday to ride around wherever, not a race.. but a meander. Yes, sometimes there's a meander of one.. sometimes four, and sometimes, like today, there were eight...

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