Sunday, March 08, 2009

Weeneez new hours.. again!

If you've been wanting to try those new sandwiches over at Weeneez but haven't been able to get over there during the week.. new hours are in play:
Monday thru Saturday: 9am-9pm.
so get over there for dinner while it's still going on..


Skidrow said...

Yeah! Weeneez is open late(r) again! I was just getting in a "groove"- having a Sangria at The Must with a "LA Hottie" from Weeneez, and then the sad news came about 3pm closing. I hope it works for Julie- I will definitely "cheat" on diet to support her restaurant.

meekorouse said...

I still haven't made it over to the Must. Maybe this week I'll finally get there.

We just tried D-Town Burger Bar yesterday. I may do a review at some point... the cheeseburger was ok.. the fries were kind of depressing.. but I'd definitely go back if you know, I need something that involves fries and I don't want to go to the Nickel. The fries are just really dissapointing.

If I want a good burger Downtown though, it's Weeneez or the Nickel for me. =)

meekorouse said...

dude we went by there tonight and she changed the hours AGAIN! I was there earlier and someone had penciled in "siesta 430-6pm" and so when Sean got home, we walked over there around 8pm thinking we'd get a cheeseburger.. no luck!

We walked in but Julie was closed! She was there saying that only 2 people came in last night... so she's going to hold back on the later hours xcept Thurs- Saturday.