Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New Famima!

The new Famima!! store expansion puts the phrase "super convenient!" to good use, opening its 5th location at the corner of Wilshire & Hope.

Famima, 700 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles.

With a location just 2 blocks up the street, and another location on its way around the corner next week at the Roosevelt Lofts, this location may be pushing saturation. I guess it depends on your point of view. If you are any one of the thousands of downtown workers in the area or live in nearby South Park, your Famima!! options must seem limitless.. In some cases, a quick cup of coffee or a "whole lotta banana" fix may be as simple as an elevator ride down to street level, or a walk around the corner.

In comparing Famima!! options, this particular location is a bit smaller than its 6th & Grand counterpart (or the location at 8th & Fig). However, it does have a floating coffee counter in the middle of the store, and a seperate checkout along the wall. The cold food is in the cooler to the left of the checkout and you'll find your beverage choices are in the coolers along the back wall. The same product lineup is there, just in a different location than you may be used to at another location.

some of the fun to be had at the Grand Opening:
Super Famima! with face cutouts for posing.

There was a raffle to win various prizes:

various prizes could be won from the little 'bingo' type spinner, anything from a Famima! tshirt, beverage, or snacks like the very popular Pocky or an individual Famima! branded packet of tissue.

If you missed out on the fun today, be sure and check the Downtown News for your free frozen Famima!! Freeze (page 3) and head over there tomorrow.

They're open daily:
6am-Midnight Mon-Friday
7am-Midnight Saturday
7am-11pm Sunday

Now if they want to be really "Super Convenient" maybe they should put a Famima!! on Spring or Main in the Historic Core. Just an idea..


love and hate los angeles said...

great coverage..you beat me to the punch..saw and took a picture from a distance on my way home- did not have time to go inside.
I like Famima and all. But lately im more cautious with my money and have focused more on my needs before my wants :)
And yes they need to spread them around and not have them all concentrated near each other.I hope they survive and thrive.
A historic core location would be awesome.

meekorouse said...


yeah I've cut back quite a bit on my visits there & honestly haven't been by Famima!! in several months.. this particular day I went in and looked around, asked one of the staff if I could take pix (he said no but thank you for asking.. very polite!)

I did however, pick up a soda for my lunch today and a cheese danish. It's been some time so I figure one danish in a year isn't bad. =) Plus it's big enough to cut in half.

I think Historic Core could definitely use a Famima! I like Little Tokyo but it's not convenient for a run to the corner. We have one here in the Hellman... but Ray closes around 9 or 10pm I think. Several times I've run downstairs to find he's closed.