Friday, March 20, 2009

No Meat Friday

Along with the Vegan Chili at The Nickel ($3 for a small bowl), another good & affordable option is to head to Weeneez for some soy or tofurkey dogs. It being Friday I reminded myself I hadn't tried the non-meat options at Weeneez yet, so I headed over today to try a tufurkey dog.. my first one at Weeneez!

tofurky w/ peppers & onions
Tofurkey Dog is served with grilled peppers & onions, a dill spear and a horseradish mustard was suggested by Julie as a good condiment.. I have to agree!

Take a bite!
it's not just a tofu dog.. it's seasoned with sundried-tomatoes and basil.

I asked Julie if there was anything else in it, because it had a bit of a spicy seasoning in the "non-meat" and was VERY good! The horseradish mustard made my brain burn but was a good accompaniment to this "dog."

Even if it's not a "non-meat Friday" this is still a good option at Weeneez. I can see ordering it when I'm craving a hotdog and am not necessarily in the mood for my favorite the Kosher Polish.

With a large soda my lunch came under $7. With a price like that, you might want to order two. =)

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