Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dinner @ Blossom Vietnamese Restaurant

When the weather starts to turn, there's nothing better than a hot, steamy bowl of Pho. When it's not that cold or wet (although it did rain intermittently today) my other favorite is to get the cold vermicelli with eggrolls. Luckily Blossom is only a short walk away in the Old Bank District at the corner of Main Street & Winston (between 4th & 5th Streets). I want to say I eat here at least once a month.

So, never mind that SeanYoda brought me an order home a couple nights back.. I was still craving the noodles. Ever one to humor me (and maybe he was craving some noodles too?) we went over and had some dinner.

Blossom had been closed the last couple weeks of the holidays (December) for renovations. Re-opening the Monday after new year's, we got over there and the food is just as yummy as before.. but now they have some small architectural changes..

New wall @ Blossom
the main noticeable difference is the back wall with door.. I honestly don't recall what it looked like before (honestly don't pay attention to that sort of thing as I'm too busy eating!). However, it's nice, either way.

I ordered some green tea and SeanYoda had the Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk. His coffee looked dark and rich, and after stirring the condensed milk (which was at the bottom of the cup) it still looked rather rich and creamy. The iced green tea was very cool & refreshing.

Shaking Beef
SeanYoda's "Shaking Beef" which is described as "wok tossed filet mignon, sauteed onions served with rice, salt, pepper & side of salad vinaigrette" $10

Sean's meal looked super yummy (my photo doesn't do it justice) I *almost* wanted to swap dinners but didn't.. The "Shaking Beef" is one of Sean's favorite meals at Blossom, so maybe it's good I didn't try to snag it from him. ;P

As for me..

cold vermicelli rice noodles w/ eggrolls
This is my favorite meal.. cold vermicelli rice noodles w/ eggrolls. $7

Very filling and as you might see is cold vermicelli rice noodles served on a bed of lettuce, basil, sprouts, cucumber, and a side of fish sauce (it's called fish sauce but it doesn't fish in it). Also there are chopped nuts.. it's not mentioned on the menu but you can see it there on the dish. VERY good & I love ordering it..

Very happy and satisfied with our meal. The total for the dishes and drinks came to about $25 not including tip.

Blossom Restaurant
426 South Main Street
(Main St & Winston)
Los Angeles, CA 90015

**they also do take out!!!! so if you want to take your Pho home.. (and I think you can call your order ahead too, as Eureka Poz would do when he lived in the OBD)**


Big City Poz said...

They not only do take out, but they do it quickly! I'd call from less than a block away, pull on some shoes, take the elevator down, walk over and it would be ready.

My favorite meal is the chicken pho. It's light but filling and very healthy.

I tried the chicken curry once and it was good but a bit spicy for me. I react strongly to spicy food and I had to ask for extra napkins to mop off my bald head. I should have brought a beach towel.

Alas, Eureka has no Vietnamese restaurants but I have located an old-school Chinese restaurant. Their pot stickers are soooooo good!

meekorouse said...

I don't think I've had the curry yet. I have had the chicken pho also and like it much. I think had it been cold & rainy I might have ordered that instead of the vermicelli & eggrolls.

good stuff. ;)

love and hate los angeles said...

great post and pics..keep up the good work.
and we miss you Joe!

Eureka Poz said...

Thanks, love and hate! I miss you too....and I miss Pamela so much it hurts! Eureka feels so right for me, though. Can you believe I have to dust only about once a week? Oh, that coat of grit downtown L.A.!