Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Breaking Some Resolutions (and breaking a sweat)

Is it 9am/12noon Eastern yet?? soon...

I am aware of my Resolutions for this year, and already have done my share of breaking them. I have attempted to keep weighing in, and I also gave a couple days trial on the wii fit (yoga training). I've found I am a bit too heavy for many of the poses, and the cat sharpened his claws on the exercise mat before I got to do more than the breathing exercises.

I haven't lost any weight though.. not enough walking or getting out to be social..

Although I did attend the closing of Qathryn Brehm's show at ArtShare last Friday.. I practiced with the new camera (Nikon D60) and I realized I have a lot of work to do before I learn this camera. Qatheryn is very kind to use one of my shots as her Facebook icon, though. How cool is that? =)

Sunday the 18th I showed up for the LA Bike Meander.. there were 6 of us, and we rode all the way to the Atwater Village bike bridge and back.. I was so sore it took me a good chunk of Monday to recover.. (who's kidding? I'm still sore!)


Mapped out on Google coming from 4th & Main to the Toy Factory Lofts on Industrial (via 2nd & Main to 6th & Alameda) is about 1.8miles. Then we rode through Lincoln Hts. to the LA River Bike Path.. and then back. Depending on where you start that was about 20miles. Not a long ride but long enough for me!

Canadian geese, ducks, and even an egret were among the wildlife we saw along the bike path.

Atwater Village Bike Bridge
Atwater Village Bike Bridge.. where we turned around and headed back.

Oh! I'm so out of shape.. I was dying by the time we got back to Toy Lofts. I needed a break before riding back to Main Street. Still, I'm glad I went. More Sundays. Less pain. ;P

More of Sunday's Meander flickr pix


Skidrow said...

Congrats on the long bike ride- 20 miles is a great ride! Don't be discouraged about breaking your NY's resolutions... just keep trying. I hit my "summer" diet March 1st and I am not looking forward to it... hopefully you and Sean can support each other- don't get too fixated on weight

Big City Poz said...

These photos look great to me. You may be learning that camera quicker than you realize.

Don't be discouraged about not losing any weight yet. You've already decided you want to lose weight and you've become aware of diet and exercise. That awareness and desire make for a good first step.

Have you considered taking a class at the Yoga Studio across the street? Talk to one of the class regulars like Nancy Jean or Maureen and ask them about their experiences with the classes.

Just hang in there and don't give up....and keep putting out updates. I care and I want to know how you're doing!

meekorouse said...


joe: the bike pix were taken with my point & shoot.. I used the D60 for the artshare closing reception.. Half of my images didn't turn out at all.

I haven't taken the camera out much as it's bigger & a couple times I got stopped by security guards.

I'm finding that part frustrating because the D60 is advertised and sold as an easy to use digital SLR that anyone (includng actor Aston Kutcher) can use.. It's not necessarily a professional camera.. nothing like a D300 or whatever.

Also I don't go to near as many blogging type events as I used to, so I don't have a need to be shooting stuff.. so again, it's mainly a very good photo enthusiest camera. (and so a bit more complicated than my powershot which I've figured out mostly). =)