Tuesday, February 05, 2008

LAist "Super Tuesday" party at Seven Grand

This is not me. =)

First, let me just say that although I thought I was registered to vote when I updated my CADL information, they must not have sent my voter registration information like I requested. That said, I wouldn't know who to vote for anyway, I'm used to not voting in the primaries..

beer on tap..

Let me just say that as the morning after, I didn't get much sleep and I'm wishing I probably hadn't bothered going. While it was nice to see some of the folks and meet a few new people, the bar scene isn't my thing. Too many people, too noisy and too dark. I wish I had just gone back to South Park and heard about all the 'fun' later. Next time I'll skip the whole thing. Very bothersome,(not to mention I later found out that when you move to a new county, you have to manually register with your new county of residence). I also would have been able to view & hear the primaries from the quiet of my living room. Yes, I know very unsocial. Yet somehow it seems like it would have been a more peaceful evening.


City Center POZ said...

I have to agree with you. Bars just leave me cold. Plus, it really was fun to just stay home and watch the voting results coming in.

I love that picture you took of the beer handles!


meekorouse said...

Hey! =)

thanks.. the photo of the beer handles though is actually by SeanYoda, the spouse. Thanks though. That was one of the only pix that came out actually. =)