Thursday, February 07, 2008

February SkidRow Watch Walk

"Are you having fun?" ..Someone asked me that last night on the SkidRow Watch Walk, and I was rather confused.
It was in reference to something else, but it stuck with me. I did take many photos of signs and mural work and graffiti art, however very little came out in the darkness. I was lucky to accompany fellow citizens & LAPD on the watch walk, but there are so many folks that have to sleep there in the cold tonight.

Even if you are 'lucky' to have some kind of shelter, the cold air can still get to you. Certainly not fun, and not safe. Those of us who walk and then go home to relative comfort are fortunate. It's something I think about often. As sterile as some of these lofts can be, it's still a roof over my head.

Thanks especially to the LAPD, as well thanks to the kind gentlemen blogger friends that accompanied me in & out of there. I would have been lost getting around otherwise.

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