Saturday, February 23, 2008

downtown riders ride at night..

I scanned the gang of cyclists for familiar faces as they zoomed by on their bikes.

02/23 riders
"Come ride with us!" said someone.. as I snapped this photo, the cyclists rode by me on my way back from catching live music on a late Friday night. Another rider chanted "one of us! one of us!" as I gave them the "thumbs up." I was really wishing that I didn't need to go back, and could join up with them on whatever was left of their midnight ride. I'm sure it was fun, whatever road they traveled.

Safe journeys to them all.


Urban Memo said...

I would feel safe riding my bike with a multitude like that.

(I don't feel safe by myself though.)

meekorouse said...

*smiles* it seemed like a good group.. friendly and they were cruising through at a an alright clip. I'm a bit out of shape though, so I'm always falling behind.

I don't mind riding by myself, gives me a chance to think and clear my head (or not clear my head).

btw: sorry I freaked you out calling you.. my cel and everything is currently under the spouse's name. =)