Thursday, January 28, 2016

Reading Challenge 2016 pt2

reading challenge 2016-01-27 at 11.30.31 PM
6 books! Titles include:

Beautiful Geometry
Edgar Allen Poe: The Fever Called Living
Futurism (fun picture book)
Bad Indians (yes! I finished it!)
In the Garden of Beasts
A Strange Wilderness (I really did love this book..)

This week's mixed bag of titles:
last week of January

Currently Reading for pleasure:
Latinos at the Golden Gate
Koolaids: the Art of War

Silencing the Past (source book for a reading assignment)
Bananas (reading assignment I started a month too early)
Complete Idiot's Gde to Statistics (about 1/2way through.. not picking up much)
Rediscovering the Golden State (for my Ca. Geo class.. got through most of Ch.4 now)

To Be Read,(maybe):
Russian Fairy Tales (includes "commentary by Roman Jakobson" so we'll see..I may just read the commentary & take it back to the library)

Now that the semester has started, I don't expect I'll get to read as much or what I'd like so much. The titles are going to be random and more schoolwork-related. Kind of a bummer, but at least I'm reading something! Yay!

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