Sunday, July 08, 2012

Bites off Broadway

Bites off Broadway is a community event over in the Temescal area of Oakland every Friday night (from May 11th to October 12th) with the highlight being foodtruck vendors.
families on blankets in front of Studio One Art Center
Families picnicking on the lawn in front of Studio One Art Center.

We found out about the event via @NomNomTruckSF which we follow on Twitter. Sean has been wanting some nomnom for a bit, so the fact it would be a nice (1 mile) walk from our home was great! We were surprised when we got there and found they weren't the only food truck.

There were at least five or six food trucks.. and the Big Wheel Cookie Co. (more on them later)

We were tempted away from nomnomtruck at first by Nick's Wheelie Good Breakfast:

Nick's had a "Maple Glazed Pork Belly Sandwich" and pork belly hash.. this was offered together as the "Pig Lovers Combo":
Pig Lovers Combo

Maple Glazed Pork Belly Sandwich
seared pork belly glazed in maple syrup, pickled red onions, mustard aioli, organic arugula and fried egg on rosemary focaccia bread.

Nick's was definitely the winner of our evening.. although nomnom was still good.
@nomnomtruckSF menu

We went with the combo which included one taco & one banh mi and a drink:
Grilled Pork Taco
Grilled Pork Taco

Grilled Pork Banh Mi
Grilled Pork Banh Mi

The taco definitely needed some Sriracha and the sandwich, although good wasn't pre-cut (we didn't remember to ask) so I nibbled off one end (again wishing I had some Sriracha) til I got about halfway, then passed it off to Sean.

Sean contemplates his banh mi choice

I was thinking we'd had the 'deli special' (lunch meat banh mi) the last time we'd eaten NomNom (at its original LA truck) and Sean was saying he'd wished he'd gone with his original plan for deli special. Next time I promise! It was still good though.. I think we just ate a lot of pork in one meal.

Sean wanted to hit up one more food truck before dessert.. Go Streatery was tempting Sean with the Oxtail and Grits.. but it was Conklin's Catering truck with their Randang Fries that won out..

Rendang Fries
Randang Fries: fries with beef randang served on top. I expected them to be super spicy but they weren't. I left Sean to eat them since I wanted to save myself for dessert..

We'd definitely go to this event again.. probably NOT every Friday.. It's a nice walk from our apartment but not a long enough walk to burn off what we ate, despite splitting the various items.

Along with the food, there's kids games and at some point they'll be doing a movie night on the lawn in courtyard there. The community pool is next door to the Studio One Art Center.. While I didn't check out what the requirements are to swim there, I can tell the families that enjoyed the pool and then dinner afterwards could easily make an evening of it.

Bites Off Broadway is on facebook if you want to keep up with the schedule of events and photos they post there.

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