Sunday, July 08, 2012

Bites off Broadway Pt 2: Dessert!

As mentioned in the earlier post, Bites off Broadway is a community event over in the Temescal area of Oakland every Friday night (from May 11th to October 12th) with the highlight being foodtruck vendors.

When it comes to dessert there may be a few options off the trucks, but if you want some really good treats, you wont' go wrong with Big Wheel Cookie Co.


Big Wheel had cookies as well brownies available for purchase.. but it was the organic iced cream sandwiches that caught our eye:

Big Wheel Cookie Co.
Lemon Ginger Cookie with Vanilla Iced Cream.

This was so good.. lemon-y ginger cookie matched the sweet, smooth vanilla iced cream and was an excellent finish to all the rich foods we'd had for dinner.

Big Wheel Cookie Co.
Expresso Chocolate Cookie with Mocha Ice Cream; rich and decadent. You could easily understand how they could run out. If you want to be super naughty this is the way to do it. =)

You can follow them on twitter: @BigWheelCookies or Facebook.. but if you want the yumminess you'll have to attend Bites off Broadway on any given Friday between now and October. =)

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