Sunday, June 24, 2012


Sunday we went to go see the new Pixar film "Brave" in 3D at the Bay Street 16 AMC Theatre..
AMC Bay Street 16

Afterwards we were pretty hungry and it's been quite some time, so we decided to hit up one of the nicer chain places for a really good burger and.. and the closest Coke Freestyle machine in our area!

I was able to order a Bison (or Buffalo) burger and had cheddar and bacon added.. Bison meat is very lean and high in protein. It's not gamey at all (I wouldn't eat it if it was, trust me!)
bison burger

Sean had the ostrich burger but opted for fries with his:
ostrich burger

The burgers come undressed because they have AMAZING fixings and condiment bars!

There's also a side where they have the mayo, ketchup, mustard and bbq sauce..

Then there's the Freestyle machine!!


The quality of the image isn't so great.. but they have a zillion options, I just have a shot of the @cokezero options.. I LOVE Cherry Zero.. raspberry is pretty good (but don't mix it with the Cherry Zero.. not so good). Sean said Cherry Vanilla Zero is pretty good.. Today we tried Orange Zero.. which, if you are a mezzo mix fan (it's orange enhanced Coca Cola, sold in Germany or available to sample at Club Cool at EPCOT and "World of Coke" locations) Orange Zero is the closet you will get currently to Mezzo Mix. I had a glass and half of it.. I'd go back for it again next time I'm at a place with a Freestyle machine.

Currently the closest Freestyle machine in Emeryville is the Wing Stop on San Pablo and the Fuddrucker's.

Fuddrucker's is a National Chain.. better than McDonalds but not near good as The Habit, but we don't have The Habit in our immediate area.

5614 Bay Street #232
Emeryville, CA 94608
(510) 655-5902

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