Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lois the Pie Queen

Saturday had us walking to Berkeley for various errands. We headed up Adeline and decided to stop for breakfast along the way at a local favorite, Lois the Pie Queen.

Lois the Pie Queen is a legend and has been filling the neighborhood up with food and love for over fifty years. If you come here, bring your appetite and you will not be disappointed!


Sean and I made it over here quite a few times before we moved to SoCal, but that was well over eight years ago! Lois the Pie Queen is one of Sean's favorites, so you know we had to get over here at some point.. =)

The restaurant was the same as I remember it. The wall of photos, the dimly-lit dining room with its long diner counter and the uber-friendly service. It looks like a diner but you've entered a local family room really.

back wall full of memories

Waffles?? with pecans?? Pancakes with fruit?? Chicken with Waffles?? or eggs?? Do I want eggs?? So many things to choose from!! I decided on the Chicken breakfast with eggs and hashbrown potatoes and biscuits:

Chicken Breakfast

Sean had the Reggie Jackson Special (pork chops, eggs, potatoes and (not pictured) biscuits too!)
Pork Chops and egg breakfast

Assuming you had room after this (and if it weren't for the big walk we were planning this day, I'd be hard pressed to say we really had room for anything else) there is the pie!


There are so many pies and cobblers I couldn't get it all in one shot, so you'll just have to head over there and find your own way through that display case!

Sean decided for us with the Lemon Icebox Pie:
Lemon Icebox Pie

I am sucker for what I call "cooler" pie.. cooler/icebox.. it's good stuff! This was definitely GOOD stuff! It's not a place we can eat every weekend, or very often. I can't say chicken is something I should be eating very often.. Lois the Pie Queen is a good treat and great way to fuel up for a busy day.

If you don't think you can eat all that, just go for breakfast or just go for coffee and pie. It's family friendly (though you may have to wait for a free table, or be willing to sit at the counter like we did.

An important thing to note is that they are CASH ONLY. That's the way it used to be y'know, and Lois the Pie Queen is the same as it was these fifty plus years.

Lois the Pie Queen
851 60th St
Oakland, CA 94609
M-F 8am-2pm/Sat 7-3pm/Sun 7-4pm

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