Friday, April 20, 2012

Emeryville Fire Department

I'm betting there are some folks that wondered how long it would take me to shoot a couple pix of our local fire department (since I have been known to get shots and video of LAFD these past years in Downtown LA).

These were taken earlier tonight:

Emeryville Fire Department


Emeryville Fire Department

Conveniently enough, this vehicle was parked outside the IHOP next to the bustop where we caught the Emery-Go-Round to Berkeley Bowl (grocery/produce market on San Pablo).

I read somewhere that Emeryville was considering at some point to either outsource their fire fighting with Alameda County Fire or disolve the fire department itself (allowing that Alameda County would have transitioned over).. I don't know if this would actually happen. Currently there are two Fire Stations serving Emeryville:

Station 1 on Powell near Watergate
Station 2 on Doyle near 63rd..

Emeryville Fire Department started serving the city in 1912 after the first fire station was built in 1910.. (according to the City of Emeryville website) despite the city's incorporation of 1896. It took a serious and devastating fire to convince Emeryville city leaders they needed their own fire department.

I'm sure Emeryville residents are grateful.. As a new resident myself, I know I am.

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