Saturday, April 07, 2012

Eat For Free

So now and again Ikea has these special offers.. The weekend of the 7th, they had their 'eat for free' special. This is where you have dinner at the IKEA Cafe and then take your receipt and get the amount of your dinner discounted off a purchase of $100 or more (before tax). We were planning to buy our PAX wardrobe unit (the big wooden cabinet thing that the drawers we had previously purchased get installed) and a new mattress, so we definitely would have qualified.

They had a plate of shortribs we spotted an IKEA employee getting served up for dinner. We had a big breakfast earlier so I wasn't exactly starving and wasn't sure if I wanted meatballs or.. hey.. that looked good! Look at all those ribs! Being the skeptic I am prone to be (some call it being negative but you can never be sure about things you know?) I muttered to Sean "it's probably cause he's an employee and he asked for that extra bit.."

NOPE! That's really a half rack o' ribs!
Babyback Ribs @ IKEA

We ended up splitting the plate of ribs and a couple sodas. It was more than enough for the two of us. The ribs were meaty and fall off the bone like good ribs should be. The sauce was thick and tangy sweet. It was served with fries and a muffin of some kind. I wouldn't call it cornbread but honestly for the price (like $6 I think for a half rack) you can't go wrong.

Who'd have thunk you'd get really good ribs at IKEA?? Seriously. I can't wait to have them again.. but I'm wanting to try Rudy's next. Rudy's does a rib special on Saturday & Sunday I think.

I would totally order these ribs at IKEA again though.. As for the 'eat for free' that didn't happen as we forgot to check to see if our PAX was in stock before having dinner. Turns out we would need to return the next Monday evening to purchase the PAX (and our new mattress which had delivered to us the following day).

This is the first installment of what I'm going to call "IKEA Adventures" and I figure we're going to have a lot of these so it's worth it.. And yes.. as I'm posting this it's not actually the 7th of April.. but this when this particular IKEA adventure happened.

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