Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beer at the Nickel

As most folks who know me, know one of my favorite places to eat is the Nickel Diner. I have several posts about the place and have joked in the past often this should be my Nickel Diner blog.. "so what you eat this week??" Actually, it's been a while.. in part because I've been out of town a lot the last couple months. Then there's the diet. Going on Weight Watchers new program had me anxious to see if I could even go out to eat, let alone enjoy my favorite places.

Having a mad craving for meat, we headed to the Nickel so I would be sated. The surprise waiting for us was Kristen Trattner, noticing the Sean's NOFD tshirt mentioned she had a bottle of Dixie for him to try. "What?!"

Beer at the Nickel Diner
Sean taking a sip of his Dixie..

Turns out their beer & wine license went through the beginning of the year. Kristen says they should have it on the menu officially next week and will carry about five or six different beers at a time. Like the soda they offer, she says they plan to mix it up and 'keep it fun'.. So at least for now, they plan to have different brands available.

This was Sean's first Dixie (I got him hooked on Abita) and agreed with Kristen it's definitely an 'everyman's beer' and similar to a PBR. So there you go. =)

Big Thanks to Kristen for sharing the news with us. It's a long time coming for that beer and wine license.

As for me, I did alright!

Low Rider on a diet..

I ordered the lowrider burger (Ano chilis, pepperjack cheese, red onions, lettuce, tomatoes) w/ a salad instead of fries. I asked for the dressing on the side. I did good earlier in the day so I actually had just enough to be able to eat the burger (leaving the bun). It was just the thing!

Next time I'll get that steak salad.. sometimes a cheeseburger is all you really want.


Anonymous said...

Oooh I had the steak salad for lunch on Friday and can really recommend it! You feel like it's a lot, but really it's not too bad. (or maybe that was the smac and cheese on the side and free pumpkin pop tart that Kristen gave me. Dammit!)

meekorouse said...

sounds like a definite recommendation!

I love the smac n cheese too.. but I'm going to have to lay off that one for a while and what's this about a pumpkin pop tart?? (we avoided desserts all-together so I wouldn't be tempted).

Complicated Mama said...

Eating out is tough--- you're right though sometimes a burger is all you need and if you had the points for it go for it-- removing the bun always helps too! :)

meekorouse said...

Julia I did end up having the steak salad a couple weeks back.. I didn't realize it would come with a giant wedge of lettuce! I ate it like lettuce wraps. It was very good! =) We also split one of those pumpkin pop tart. I charged myself for 2 of those Kellogg's variety b/c I'm sure homemade means more points.. ;P

Corine (?) I usually take the bun off (at least the top part!) Since joining on the new Points Plus I don't eat the bun at all these days. =) Usually my food comes with a giant leaf of lettuce so I use that instead. =)