Friday, January 07, 2011

2011 Resolution Re-do..

ReadMore in 2011 One of my more successful resolutions.. to read more is getting renewed for another year.

I know New Year Resolutions are a joke. Most of the time they aren't kept or, attempted halfheartedly. I have a new crop of ideas that I hope some will shake themselves out to a positive effort. Some are just things I want to change about myself.. thought processes and bad habits. What it comes down to I think, is de-cluttering. So far I'm not doing so good & I'd like to think it's because I've spent the first part of the new year w/ the never-ending sinus cold. Never-mind that, here's my list I came up w/ on the flight home from Florida late last month:

2011 GOALS
  • read at least 2 books a month (since 1book a month seemed so easy)
  • start writing letters (you know, 'snail mail')
  • take a creative writing class!
  • go back 'on program' (this I've started on Jan 3rd! enrolling in Weight Watchers revamped program:"points plus" so if I talk about #ww that's what that is).

  • go 'home' more.. and by 'home' I mean the Bay Area.. When we moved so many years ago, I really did think we'd get back at least once a month like we seemed to do when we would head to Disneyland from Berkeley.. OK, or every other month realistically..I'd be happy if we could get up there maybe 2x a year?? to start?)

  • get a passport. I finally am curious enough to go on a cruise or if I ever hope to go to Tokyo or anywhere else in the world ever again).
  • bike, walk, or wii a day! (gotten to a rocky start with the cold but.. so far so good)
  • register for & DO a "minnie 5K" or whatever you call those things they do at the parks.. walking first then running.
  • 'walk' the cornfield. I know this sounds lame but getting my butt over there to walk the track just hasn't happened yet.

  • organize the loft: We aren't hoarders I swear! but one of the bummer things about lofts is the lack of storage. Yesterday I actually priced a storage place to put all the stuff we want to keep but not have you know, 'out'..

  • re-write my manuscripts: I liked doing NaNoWriMo last year despite not getting to the 50k word minimum, but it did force me to sit down and write a few hours a day. More of that would be good.

  • Find lost siblings. One of the oddball things of the last year or so is that my biological older sister 'found' me on Facebook. So I found out I have half-siblings from my biological father's previous marriage. I joined Ancestry (which is fun!) and so I'm working on that some. It's not good for finding living people so much, but for doing my family trees, it's interesting. I want to find these half-siblings mostly for my biological sister.. If I can find at least one person this year that'd be good. Right? =)

  • convert our old videos: both VHS and those mini VCR and Hi-8 tapes of home movies we made at Disney World on our various vacations... Besides the convenience of stream-lining it all, the older they get, the more they degrade.

  • That last one is harder than it sounds.. I think at some point it's going to take a hardware upgrade (plus I don't know if I have what I need yet to do the conversions).

    I think I would add to the list of 'goals' for this year:
  • visit my dear friend Joe in Eureka. I haven't seen him since he moved up there & I miss him bunches. It'll just be very difficult to get out there w/ out a car.

  • Find another place to have my afternoon tea and hang out..since Banquette closed New Year's Day..

  • See more movies! I have about 8 movies I want to go see right now.. and no, they're not all Disney!)
  • get my macbook looked at The tracking pad has been sticking & it's frustrating.

  • We'll see how I do. Go ahead and laugh. I already am.

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