Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New South Park Businesses..

As briefly mentioned in my previous post, I was running errands yesterday in South Park. Walking up Flower and meandering back towards the Historic Core I noticed a couple new places.. (I may not be the first but I haven't noticed it blogged yet)..

The first was at the Gas Company Lofts..

According to Evy of California's website they are "manufacturers of sportswear and occasional dresses for girls sizes newborn to junior." While it's not something I'm in the market for, I'm sure there are plenty of New Downtowners with children of a certain age that will be so happy to have a fashion place for their families.

Also noted on Evy's site is a Hello Kitty line! I know a particular someone that might be keen on that.. (assuming it's something more than just little kids' clothes).

Another place I spotted is the street level of Market Lofts.. on the Hope Street side.

YAS! ( Yoga and Spinning Center )
"Yoga for Athletes"
"Yoga for Athletes" proclaims a sign in their window.. The Yoga and Spinning spot should be open late April or early May.. YAS has other locations in Silverlake and Costa Mesa. They plan locations in Redondo and Manhattan Beach as well..

I was sort of keen on the place til I saw the "Yoga for Athletes" sign.. I am far from it.. and would love to try a spinning class sometime. I would love a place to go where I could be around other folks lumpy like me.. but until I lose the first 30lbs I'd still be wary of being around other exercising people.. Why are only skinny folks hanging out at the gym?? Where do the fat people go?? LOL

Ok. this wasn't supposed to get personal.. so something to look forward to in our ever evolving, and growing downtown.. Yay for new businesses!

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