Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Happenings

While my Easter egg hunting days are pretty much over, I don't begrudge someone else's little one a chance to have a run in the grass..

Hope Park musician

New City Church

It seems that there's going to be a bit of a festival atmosphere at Grand Hope Park (that's that green area where dogs aren't allowed despite the sculptures hinting otherwise) near the FIDM at 9th & Hope in South Park.

Next Sunday New City Church is hosting an "Easter Fest" with an Easter egg hunt, arts & craft-y stuff and the ubiquitous bounce house.

Easter falls on the 4th of April and the fest will run from 12-3pm. I don't know much else so you'll want to contact the folks at New City Church with any questions. or 213-471-2415

I'm not active in any churches at the moment so I have no personal agenda with this, just figuring with the uptick of folks with little ones, they'd want to know about this.

Our Lady of the Angels

For a less boisterous and not-so-kid-friendly way to spend Easter the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels is hosting (with advanced reservation required) an Easter Champagne Brunch.

The Champagne Brunch is after Mass and is prepared by the chefs at the Center at Cathedral Plaza.. Adults $30, Children (2-12) $20 plus tax.; For more information & reservations please call (213) 680-5271.

J Restaurant & Lounge

Can't make up your mind?? J Restaurant and Lounge will be hosting a family friendly Easter Sunday Brunch from 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM Easter Sunday at 1119 S. Olive Street in South Park. Brunch will be served on the outdoor patio and an Easter egg hunt will be held for the kids.

There's plenty of churches around downtown and they may also have some Easter Sunday activities.. The ones I listed are the ones I knew about.. I'm not suggesting you go to any of these but if you want to there you go..

As for me, I'll probably end up at Disneyland. Unless Botegga Louie is open.. mmmmm Botegga Louie. For me the holidays are about food of course.


Tim Castro said...

I'm sure the Champagne Brunch at the Cathedral would be fabulous, but I'm not crazy about the Church being party to making people work on Easter Sunday.

meekorouse said...

=) I still don't know what we're doing today (besides heading to DLR later for a DVC preview Open House.. we're already members.. so selling to us will be a difficult task for them).

I hope you have a wonderful Easter!!