Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving Downtown Neighbors! SeanYoda & I had our Thanksgiving dinner last night.. so we'll be enjoying leftovers from here on out..

We got most our fixings from Trader Joe's..

another meat close-up..
stuffed turkey breast w/ cranberry stuffing..

cornbread stuffing, mashed sweet potatoes, gravy, and roasted veggies.. ("meat veggies" yum!)

what's missing??
OMG! Something's missing!! LOL.. we forgot to take out the cranberry sauce we'd picked up at Costco on Tuesday.. oh well!


"Fresh & Easy" pie
it only looks like Seanyoda is going to cut his thumb off.. picked up the pie at Fresh & Easy.. good stuff!

meeko pie!
meeko's pie.. yummy!

Hope your Thanksgiving is yummy.. no matter how you celerbrate..

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