Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another Blue Cupcake..

DASH for cupcakes
The DASH reflected in the display case at Lot 44 on Spring Street.

This blog is really looking like "Meeko on Cupcakes" rather than a neighborhood blog.. but here I am enjoying some Fall yumminess and figured it was time to give Lot 44 & Blue Cupcake another writeup.. yeah.. it's Pumpkin time!

Pumpkin Cupcake3

pumpkin filling.. pumpkin cupcake
creamy pumpkin filling.. and moist pumpkin cake..

Eggnog Latte
eggnog latte

I would think the Pumpkin Cupcake should be available through Thanksgiving..

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love and hate los angeles said...

Mmm "food porn" is always welcome :)
But it doesn't help that its almost 11:30am and i still haven't had breakfast :(

Thanks to you- i saw and went to BigManBakes and Loved it!

i did a post about it: