Thursday, September 03, 2009

more cupcakes.. for culture!

Latin American Heritage Month (or National Hispanic Heritage Month as it's also known) starts officially September 15th, and you can celebrate all month at Lot 44 Coffee.. with a Blue Cupcake treat.

Latin American Heritage Month was started in 1968 under President Johnson as a week-long celebration, then later expanded under President Reagan for a full month (Sept 15- Oct 15) celebrating the culture and heritage of the Latin American people.
Dulche de Leche cupcakes
So what's this got to do with cupcakes, you ask?? In honor of the month-long celebration, Lot 44 is the place to get Dulce de Leche and Mojito cupcakes..

Mojito cupcakes
You know I tried the Mojito!
Mojito cupcake
the buttercream frosting is infused with bits of mint.. very light hints will hit your mouth.. then the rum cake & lime filling will add a refreshing taste.
Mojito Cupcake filling..
Did someone say lime??

The overall flavor and texture is light and flavorful.. a perfect cupcake for a hot September day.

The dulce de leche will have to be tried next time.. (but why wait? go check them out yourself!) Seriously.. these are amazing cupcakes.. I have loved every single one I've tried so far. The red velvet, the mocha espresso, the lime (fantastic!), the black raspberry chocolate.. and now the mojito.

There are plenty of other flavors.. six 'standard' flavors, but each week there may be a couple new flavors added and rotating to the selection. These 2 new flavors are special for Latin American Heritage Month.. and they all go great with coffee or something cold.

Yeah, I like cupcakes.


Eureka Poz said...

That cupcake does look tasty.

I guess the cupcake explosion downtown is because people want cake but hesitate to invest in a full-sized cake, right?

How about sharing the prices for these treats.

meekorouse said...

well there's only 2 main places for cupcakes right now (technically one) and that's Blue Cupcake @ Lot 44.

Big Man Bakes is opening this month in a build out next door to Ray's Market. (they were selling out of his market but since they'll be opening the store soon they haven't been available since Art Walk). They will be doing full size cakes too.

Babycakes NY (vegan bakery) will be opening an LA location at 6th & Los Angeles at some point.. but not sure when. They'll do all sorts of stuff, not just cupcakes.

Then there's the cupcake you could always get at Pitfire Pizza (those are Aunty Em's cupcakes from Eagle Rock I think.. not sure. I love the red velvet cupcake. It's big enough for 2 though.

As for why I like cupcakes you hit it right there. It's just the right size when you want something sweet but don't want a whole cake. I mean really?? Who can use a whole cake? IT would totally go to waste in our loft anyway.. We're not exactly party people (that's my only excuse to get a full size anything.. except pumpkin pie maybe) =)

Prices.. hmmm I think I asumed I mentioned them before but I'll check tomorrow. I'm not sure.. it may have been around $3 or so. =)

Eureka Poz said...

"Big Man Bakes is opening this month in a build out next door to Ray's Market."

Will the build out be on the beauty shop side or the parking structure side? Does Pet Project still plan on being in the parking structure?

I admit that I'm a whole cake guy. I keep it refrigerated in the box, have a large slice (or two) each night, and keep the cut ends covered with plastic wrap. I used to buy Clifton's chocolate-banana cake. Once in a while I'd special order the white cake with coconut frosting. That cake was kinda dry, but the frosting was thick and out of this world!

By the way, why are you up so late?

meekorouse said...

hey! the buildout is from the parking garage.. there's a dry cleaners on the left side of the parking garage entrance and then Big Man Bakes is going into what should have been Nancy Jean's place.. the right side entrance of the garage (but to the left of Ray's)

Nancy Jean's place may end up in Harlem Alley. From what I understand they are still working on the build out over there. =( (I think she was hoping to be open already).

I think the problem with whole cake is that we would eat it!! LOL or throw out wasted food.. a cupcake now & again is mostly harmless.

Everything in moderation you know. ;P (plus Sean & I don't work out like you do!!! I bet those calories just sweat right off you!)

up late= insomnia (sort of. went to sleep around 830pm and woke up wide awake after midnight)

BaddicusFinch said...

I think they're about $2.50 each...definitely less than $3. Those are some kick-ass cupcakes.

When did red velvet blow up like it did? I don't remember seeing it around until recently...damn I love that red velvet

LAkompany said...

LIME filling sounds tasty.