Sunday, September 20, 2009

Autumn Lights

a couple shots from last night's Autumn Lights, curated by Lilli Muller and included some 50 area artists in various mixed mediums.. The evening's event was from 7pm-1am and used every available space in Pershing Square.

It's possible they make this a weekend long event in future years..

My point & shoot isn't reliable so I used my cel.. so not the best quality images either.. (but I do have video!) I'm sure you will see better images around the web elsewhere, but this is what I got.

This one's my favorite:
@ autumn lights Pershing Square
plastic water containers illuminated from within and hung from a tree..

Autumn lights
spotlights in the trees..

autumn lights @ pershing square
wall art..

More Autumn Lights
plastic bags become flowers (lit from within) Yes that one in the front is a Disneyland bag..

and one of the many pieces with moving lights:

projected onto the wall at the fountain.. shutting doors..

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