Wednesday, July 08, 2009

getting back to blogging

Haven't posted in a while.. I recently headed for a last minute trip to Florida (to visit my mom who wasn't feeling well) the last week of June.. SeanYoda had the flu of some kind and before my trip was over, I too took ill..

I spent several days after my return to LA bed-ridden with serious sinus congestion and cough.. but was well enough in time for the 4th of July (before going back to bed another day to recover).

So here we are the 2nd week of July and the July Art Walk is coming up tomorrow.. Later this month is Bloom Fest in the Arts District.. I hope to make that if possible. I also have a trip to the Berkeley/ SF in a few weeks.

Stuff going on.. and I'm behind on local happenings.. I hope to get my act together soon.

OTOH with all the sickness & travel I've been doing a lot of reading! =)

People swimming at Manasota Beach (Sarasota County Florida)

At Ca d'Zan (John & Mable Ringling Mansion) on Sarasota Bay.. Sarasota, Florida.

Photos of the 4th of July visit to Disneyland are up at SeanYoda's Flickr

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