Monday, July 13, 2009

fire safety

Living in the Old Bank District, we're near the Skid Row Fire Station 9 as well as LAPD's Central Division. That said, we get our fair share of public safety vehicles rushing by on their way somewhere. When either one of these entities makes a noisy show and suddenly stops outside one of our buildings.. I tend to take notice.

@LAFD heading into the Hellman Bldg
This was outside the Hellman Building today near 4th & Main.

LAFD were called out on what I later found out to be a false alarm (some joker may have tripped the fire alarm). The thing is it's not really funny because these are some well trained folks that have better things to be doing than get called out on useless errands of stupidity (that's my opinion). I'm ever so glad they are so quick though.

Had it been a real emergency, they were ready to go! They had their axes in hand and were geared up and ready to get to work. Several minutes later after taking care of the situation, they were very organized and headed out safely on what I imagine was another run, or back to their Skid Row Station.

I guess the only thing I wanted to say is that our police & fire are here to serve the public in times of need, such as a real emergency.. Please be safe at all times & also don't fool around with your building's fire equipment or alarms. It could be your life getting saved next time.

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