Saturday, October 25, 2008

Catching Up: The Wordy Shipmates

I got a backlog of fun to post about including SEVERAL food reviews and a book signing.


I used to go to book signings a lot (what with working at a big chain Book Store it was part of the gig). Back on October 15th, I took the bus to the Grove over in Fairfax, had dinner at the Farmers Market. I then caught a fine book reading by Sarah Vowell from her new book The Wordy Shipmates.


The Wordy Shipmates is about the founders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and their political and cultural influence in today's society. Sarah Vowell brings insightful and quirky observations in her study. As Sarah Vowell does, she goes off on a few relative, but fun tangents the reader will enjoy.

There was seating set up for 80+ but there was considerable standing room only (and despite our getting there in plenty of time for the reading, we were part of the 'standing room only') SeanYoda was with me and had made a point to purchase his copy of the book beforehand.

Pre-purchasing is always a good idea, as those with books already purchased in hand got in line first (row by row then the standing folks such as ourselves in the back) and had their moment to get their copy signed.

Here SeanYoda gets his copy of The Wordy Shipmates signed.

Sarah Vowell was recently on David Letterman as well Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show." Tomorrow the 26th of October you can see her on C-SPAN's BookTV (10pm Eastern).

Her booktour continues through Atlanta, GA and Austin, TX.. Sarah Vowell book tour

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