Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sunday Downtown

the i5nomads were in downtown LA Sunday checking out the progress of the new abode. We were there putting in the color request for the accent wall. How odd to be choosing an accent wall for what is essentially an apartment?? It's a loft but it's a rental... and it's very dark despite the new lights that were put in and the huge windows and patio doors (that seem to rise to the ceiling almost!)

SeanYoda took measurements while I pestered the leasing guy about stuff like I dunno the granite counter that seems to be a thorn in my side regardless of liking it.. and not really caring that they (whoever they are) put the counter in over the biggest drawer (perfect for silverware & gadgets) and cabinet in the entire kitchen. The thing that I guess is really getting to me is the granite counters themselves.. who knew they would be so hard to keep clean and that we'd have to keep them covered from heat and cold.. (well heat at least). I'm not a trivet person. I guess I'll have to be.

What we want to do is get one of those IKEA freestanding units to compensate for the lack of cabinetry.. (Sean wants to earthquake proof our dishes) and since there's no pantry, we might need one of those. so either way.. we can put the cans in the cuboard instead of the dishes, or the food in a freestanding (but matching) pantry of some kind.

I feel very spoiled knowing we have these sorts of decisions to make. =) Going from having really junky cabinets and carpet to having little cabinets & no carpet is somewhat frustrating and liberating at the same time. I really will miss the fridge though. I realize we don't need to bring it but it's only 2years old. At least the fridge they put in there is something of an upgrade.. but we didn't need an upgrade really. I guess I'd really be upset though if we had moved somewhere that had the EXACT same fridge (only in black) as we have now. I love the fridge we have here. Too bad I hate the rest of the kitchen. =P 3weeks.. til we move and I'll have to say good bye officially to current kitchen & the wonderful fridge. (secretly I am so excited!!!) New ADVENTURES!

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