Friday, September 15, 2006

raccoon in the city for real??

Saturday last weekend SeanYoda & I spent the day in the city and where did we end up? Taking the Downtown Housing Tour with the folks. They sure are an enthusiastic bunch!

While we can't say we remember anything we saw in the various lofts & high rises (5 places and a bus ride around the city in circles) and the fact that this raccoon doesn't seem to know how to make shorthand of the the info they do give lends ourselves to being memory impaired. Husband likes to take pix. I must say he was very good about putting up the LOFT TOUR and here it is.. located on Meeko's live journal gallery.


How wonderful is that?

Oh and we have an appointment set up to go take a look at one of his favorites. I might have to change the name of my blogger thingy.. *grin* Would you like to see those galleries?? or maybe I ought to put them in the other place??

BIG THANKS TO Bruddah Mike & the downtown blog-LA-sphere in helping us find out more about the FREE tour that downtown gives on saturdays.. FREE is good. =)

What is better is finding a cat-friendly & affordable place that has mass transit and easy commute for both raccoon & tired husband. Wherever we end up, I hope I won't have to leave bread crumbs.. Best is not having to wait 4hrs for my SeanYoda while he commutes from Culver City to Anaheim. That one is priceless.. =)

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