Friday, August 17, 2018

Oori Rice Triangles

I spent Friday failing most my GRE exam, and when we got back to the East Bay I was super hungry having not dared to leave the testing area to have a snack (it takes some time to wait to sign out & sign back in I observed while waiting to sign in to take my test).

Oori Rice Triangles

Oori Rice Triangles had opened a while ago and so I was finally getting around to checking it out. It's a short walk up College from the Rockridge BART station (near Claremont). One of the things that made me wary of places like this is that the rice triangles are wrapped in nori. I don't eat fish of any kind, nor do I eat seaweed. I wasn't sure if I would find something I would want to order, but fortunately, they had plates (small and large).

I ordered a *small* rice plate with Teriyaki Chicken:
Chicken Teriyaki RIce Plate (small)
It's a simple dish that is served with shelled edamame. It was plenty of food and I was filled up. I think this is the sort of meal I should have head before heading to the testing center.

SeanYoda was with me and ordered the "3 Meat Plate" which was about $10.95 and was a choice of 3 types of meat served over rice:
3 meat Sampler plate
He went with the Chicken as well as the Short Rib and Spicy Pork. He let me try his Short Rib and the Spicy Pork and I liked the Short Rib best of the three. The flavor was really good and a bonus was that the bones had been removed. I would probably order the small plate with Spare Rib next time.

SeanYoda said he'd give the Rice Triangles a go next time.

Drinks are from a cooler as well as water and hot tea.

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