Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Visiting USF

Took the bus to the City to attend a talk with Andrew Galvan and Vincent Medina as they discussed the impending Canonization of Junipero Serra..

conversation w/ Andy Galvan & Vincent Medina

Here Father Lucas is introducing Vincent Medina and Andrew Galvan..

The event had to be moved outside as some unforseen glitch (the fire alarm went off right at the beginning as we were all seated in McLaren) made it necessary to change venue. This actually worked out pretty good.. the day was lovely, and I didn't have too much trouble hearing.

There was a reception at the Gleeson Library's Thacher Gallery where "Interwoven" (a collection of Native Californian basketry) is on display..

Afterwards I walked around a little.. I could see the far hills of SF from here.. Twin Peaks and Sutro Tower..

fwiw, I did walk back to Market (Powell Street BART) since I'd done it before (from the DeYoung earlier this year.) It's mostly flat with a lot of downhill. ;)

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