Wednesday, October 01, 2014

John Brothers Piano Company

Just when I need cheering up! #JohnBrosPianoCo #Music
John Brothers Piano Company performing in Downtown Berkeley Tues. evening of 30 Sept.

I was having a not so very good day and feeling rather down, (you ever have a day when something doesn't feel just right but you can't put your finger on it?) The fact I was feeling like this, then had a math class (which always causes me a little stress) my Tuesday afternoon wasn't looking/feeling too good.. I equated it to "general happiness with a frosted coating of crap.."

But then I got out of math class yesterday evening.. One of my favorite local bands was performing outside the entrance to the Berkeley BART station; I was just in time to catch the last performance of the last set.

I hope they cheer you up too.. even if you don't need cheering up. ;) Have a great midweek!

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