Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sack's Coffee House

Sack's on College

Looking for a local local for the days I don't want to hoof it all the way to University or beyond (what? when would I NOT want to do that??) I came across local favorite Sack's Coffee House.. They already make a lot of Daily Cal's best cafe lists.. but I hadn't known that just yet. I just saw a place I've not been to, and they weren't too busy what with it being between semesters..

First thing I noticed were these GIANT Rice Krispie treats:
Ginormous Rice Krispy Treats!

..and the row of various cookies.. distracting me from ordering my coffee:

I ordered a cafe au lait & a red velvet choco chip cookie:
Sack's Coffee House on College

Cookie was so freaking good! Crispy cookie, but not so hard it crumbled from breaking pieces off.. flavor was so good. Sweet but not too sweet. The coffee? I could taste the coffee notes beneath the steamed milk.. which often isn't the case with a lot of au laits I've had.. Happy Camper. Thank you!

I came back today and tried the wifi.. Wifi was just fine, thanks.. not hyperspeed like a place I frequent now & again on Shattuck.. but fine, and much better than my regular hangout over on U. While I did some online reading, I treated myself to lunch..

Iced coffee & people watching:
iced coffee at Sack's

Club Sandwich (toasted nice!) came with a pepperoncini and a sad pickle slice (which I did it wasn't that sad):
Club sandwich at Sack's

As many may already know:

Sack's Coffee House
2701 College Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94705
(510) 644-2233

They are open most every day from what I understand and have lots of other good food.. so I would expect to see more food "porn" from me here at some point now & again. I do expect I'll go back there now & again.. especially for those cookies. As for the crowds, I'm sure they'll be back too.

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