Monday, April 14, 2014

Codornices Park and Bay View with Fog

Monday's Adventure had me hiking back up to the Rose Garden with the camera and zoom lens to take some views of the Bay from the Berkeley Rose Garden and to check out Codornices Park.. I got a late start and the fog had already rolled in..
Remains of the Berkeley Pier and Alcatraz in the distance..

Fortunately the fog played no role in my day at the park..
Codornices Park
1201 Euclid Avenue
Berkeley, CA.







The park was a fun place to shoot.. lots of gnarled trees, pathways, streams and light. It's a busy park though, so it's full of noise and family and sound.. water, birds.. not so much squirrels... There's even a really great concrete slide all the kids slide down with pieces of cardboard. I made sure to keep people out of my images, but trust me, they were there!

Here's a lovely shot of the City as I headed back down the hill..
The City in Fog
Karl the Fog and the SF Skyline..

the rest of the photo set from the day can be seen HERE

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