Sunday, December 30, 2012

Alexander and the Dyson

Our current place is a loft on the edge of Emeryville. Each unit has one of these giant boxes attached to the ceiling:
Reznor heater
This Reznor heater is freakishly loud (imagine a 747 taking off in a small space) and so we hate using it.. I really hate using it, but the spouse will use it if he's desperate. Suffice to say, no one should be that desperate!

Fortunately Costco had one of these Dyson Hot+Cold things and with a $100 instant rebate (til Feb 1st) It was still a bit expensive but with some holiday gift cards we received from family, that helped make it a bit less painful. =)


Suffice to say Alexander likes it a LOT! He sits right next to and makes me a little nervous.. but as long as he doesn't stick his paws in or on it.. it's all good. We currently have it in our kitchen where it seems be placed in a good enough spot to warm a little of the living room area and the kitchen as a whole.. and doesn't short out the outlets.. (we originally had it plugged in near our window where it gets chilly, not realizing a good portion of our outlets were on the same circuit and tripped when I tried to use the microwave at the same time).

Here's a little video I made of Alexander looking very content:


Joe Cornish said...

That Reznor heater looks like it could heat a barn. Too bad it's so noisy! Have you checked with any of the neighbors to see it theirs is as loud? If they have quieter heaters, then maybe it's time to visit the management office.

My heat is electric and it's not that efficient. I'm predicting an electric bill of around $100 for this month.

I'm going to have to insist that you provide Alexander with something soft and slightly elevated so he can enjoy the heat in greater comfort. The poor guy is sitting on a concrete floor. Show some mercy!


Pamela Rouse said...

LOL he's not supposed to be sitting that close to it! =)

and yes.. we were all talking about the noise pollution those heaters put out.. I guess they were the best for the cheapest or something. When someone turns their's on you can hear out in the hall. Many people just get a space heater instead. I don't know what our bill will be like as we've done pretty good to go without using the heater since we first moved in. Sweaters and electric blankets.. the last week when it was cold, windy & rainy though.. that's when we broke down and got this thing. =)

Pamela Rouse said...

theirs.. ugh.. no edit button..