Saturday, June 18, 2011

Demitasse 'Coming Soon'

I don't get around like I used to, so when we were out & about walking through Little Tokyo for "Tip a Cop" at Urth Caffe, Sean (the spouse) noticed a big "CAFE" sign being erected on the side of the Kajima Building at Weller Court.

Friday I took a couple pix of the actual Cafe front..

This is the corner where that gelato store used to be.. Honestly I only went there once as it seemed a little high end at the time to me.. I'm curious to see how the new cafe turns out.

Cafe Demitasse is on Facebook and twitter, its description on the former says: "Uncompromising in our approach to all things coffee, Demitasse pursues perfection in every cup." That honestly sounds like it wants to be another Lot 44 (the place that eventually closed on Spring Street). Hopefully this place will fare a bit better considering its main competitor in the area are the 2 Starbucks.

Personally while I like good coffee (hello? Can we get a Peet's downtown???) I don't like listening to pretentious coffee people... my husband is good for that, (and less obnoxious too) ;P

I walked by and they are still working on the build out.. I'm guessing the location will be open by the end of summer.. Maybe September if I had to pin it down. There wasn't anyone to ask (it was just construction folks there it looked like). There's little to no information on their site.. other than the social media links, (and oh they are hiring!)..

Maybe someone else has heard something?

Regardless, I think there's always room for one more coffee place (how about at 4th and Main?? Now that Banquette had to close.. we need a new sidewalk hangout!) so I wish them well of course.. Welcome to Downtown!

Cafe Demitasse
135 S. San Pedro (Weller Court near 2nd Street)
@CafeDemitasse on twitter and search for "Demitasse" on Facebook.

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SFpChef said...

the word on the street is that Cafe Demitasse will soft-open tomorrow (Friday, August 12th), and grand-open on Saturday, August 13th...