Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Schnitzly Schnitzel Now Open!

An email from Patti B. in our New Downtown yahoo group Thursday last week let us know that Schnitzly Schnitzel was now open. Sean had driven by a couple weeks ago when they had yet to open so it was on our radar.

Our schedule opened up where we could finally go there for lunch today. As far as we know this location on 7th near Los Angeles is associated with the location on Pico near Beverly Hills.

exterior of Schnitzly on 7th near Los Angeles.. not the best shot but there's a lot of characters hovering about.. (the fellow talking loudly on his phone excluded.. he was a fellow customer looking for a business associate late for lunch.. no I didn't ask, he just was really loud).

Nevermind that and go inside. It's really nice (and there's lots of seating though I didn't get a shot):

A long counter where your salad is made to order (lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onions or grilled onions.. and several scrumptious sauces are available for your fixings) Scnitzels come in a variety of flavors..

Sean went with the Garlic Schnitzel & had the garlic mayo with it..

Various salads are available: Schnitzel, steak, and a healthy salad.. I went with the Schnitzel Salad (Indian flavored):

Like the sandwiches, the salad is huge. While the salad itself isn't anything exciting, the schnitzel is good!! I had sweet chili sauce and garlic mayo on mine (but was advised the chimichurri is good too!)

They have canned soda (like coke zero!) Snapple etc.. in a cooler at the end of the long counter.. Since they just opened it's still cash only. Lunch for the two items came to about $24.

HOURS: Monday through Thursday 930-6pm and Friday 930-3pm

No website yet.

2 comments: said...

I love a good schnitzel, but those hours are NUTS! (for a non-downtowner)

meekorouse said...

yeah.. I think they (like many others) are still focusing on the worktime lunch crowd & forgetting about the THOUSANDS of people living downtown that would patronize the place in the evening and weekends.. not to mention the folks that come in in to town in the evening & weekends.

I understand about closing early on Friday though.. I'm certainly OK with that.