Sunday, February 28, 2010

Open Mic @ Banquette

Open Mic
Saturday night was an open mic night at Banquette Cafe & Wine Bar. While the spouse was under the weather, I went downstairs and checked out Richard McDowell and others performing in the small interior of Banquette..

Richard had advised me he'd be performing at 8pm. It was more near 9pm, since there was a couple musical groups that performed ahead of the poetry readings..

Live Music
I caught the last number of this act when I first arrived..


This act performed quite a while.. they were alright, but I think having them perform some 8 or 9 songs (I lost count) in one set was a bit much.. I think they could have broken the sets up and let the poets perform in between. IMHO of course.. I mean I don't work at the Cafe so my opinion is pointless..

FINALLY.. Richard and a couple other folks got to perform..




I made a couple videos.. (I goofed w/ Richard's by holding the camera wrong, but righted it after a little bit.. ) I may link to those at some point.. sooner or later..

(*again, apologies for messing up the camera angle.. corrected in seconds 9/10)
video1* "Life as a Poet"

video2 "Jiggsaw"

We even got treated to some comedy.. which went from weirdly uncomfortable to LOL funny and back again a couple times. I guess good comedy does that.



Eureka Poz said...

What a great, fun post! I loved seeing Banquette and I know Richard so it was good seeing him again too. Your videos are great, Pamela, and I hope to enjoy more of them in the future.

I wish I had been there with you! We would have had fun.

meekorouse said...

Hee hee.. little bit of a funny angle.. I need to remember it only does video from the 'normal' landscape view, not vertical.

I wish you were there too! It would have been fun. miss you bunches!